Friday, April 29, 2016

World of Warships Intense Benson Game #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by featuring the Tier VIII Benson having a great game.  Crysantos never disappoints, although there was a little bit of salt at the end.  It was somewhat warranted though.

World of Warships Konigsberg - Idiot on the Loose #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Puddahead featuring the tier V Konigsberg having a really good battle.  Ended up with a fair amount of damage and some kills.  Good tactics though.

World of Warships Gremyashchy - Painful Loss, Hard Carry #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by XXXisle featuring the tier V Gremyashchy carrying the team hard but ultimately resulting in a loss.  This replay shows why the Gremy is so strong.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

World of Warships Iowa Thanks RNGesus #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Ebu34 featuring the tier IX Iowa starting off strong.  Team did great here to bring the game to an end early.  Huge salvos early on though that punished a broadsiding player.

World of Warships North Carolina Drama Battle #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Viandinea featuring the tier VIII North Carolina and team somehow pulling off a victory when things seem to be out of reach.  Poor team execution so plenty of examples of how not to play.

World of Warships Nicholas Doing its Part #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by Kurbain featuring the tier V Nicholas in an amazing division.  Gets very aggressive and it pays off.  Very exciting battle to watch!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

World of Warships Kamikaze R Carrying a Fail Division #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Destroyer_Tachibana featuring the tier V Kamikaze R showing why it's the most popular ship on  This game was pretty intense throughout most of it.

World of Warships Kagero - Tense High Tier Battle #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by Falcon_Destroyer18 featuring the Tier IX Kagero in a very tense and exciting battle.  Very well played.  Tons of strategy that paid off in the end.

World of Warships New Orleans Hanging on to the End #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by DeprivedPickle featuring the tier VIII New Orleans having a hell of a game.  Does a ton of damage and ends up with some great base experience.  Definitely a good example of how to New Orleans.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

World of Warships New Mexico Punishing Broadsides #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by Viandinea featuring the tier VI New Mexico handing out citadels freely to broadsiding opponents.  When all said and done gets accused of cheating for handing out the pain.

World of Warships Ibuki Spitting Napalm #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Kurbain featuring the tier IX Ibuki having a really good match.  Not a lot of kills, but when you spew napalm from your cannons you do a lot of damage.

World of Warships How to New Orleans #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by M8ii featuring the tier VIII New Orleans.  This is a perfect example of how to play the New Orleans and do well.  Definitely more luck that I have had in it.

Monday, April 25, 2016

World of Warships Atago the Pocket Battleship #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by MekInf featuring the Tier VIII Atago, aka the Pocket Battleship, doing heavy cruiser things.  Lots of damage with great game play.  Very fun battle to watch and commentate on.

World of Warships Gremyashchy Saves the Day #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Merrillz featuring the Tier V Gremyashchy carrying this team.  Holding on until the very last seconds.

World of Warships Texas Overview and Battle #WoWReplays

Now that I can actually talk about the USS Texas I wanted to give you an overview of the stats and let you see the ship in action.  This is my gameplay, and surprisingly it turned out well.  I also uploaded this replay to so you can see more of it in action up close and personal.

Friday, April 22, 2016

World of Warships Ranger - Can You Help Me Improve #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by TheBikeMechanic featuring the tier VII Ranger having a slightly above average game.  More importantly, TheBikeMechanic has asked for our help as a community to help them become a better CV Captain.  Be nice!

World of Warships Farragut Guns Against Battleships #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by TrungPurpVN featuring the Tier VI Farragut attempting to gun down a few battleships.  Poor aiming in this battle resulted in far fewer hits than he should have had, but still did a fair amount of damage.

World of Warships Best Clemson DD Game Ever #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by Zerra_Tank featuring the tier IV Clemson having a great game.  Zerra_Tanks states this is their best Clemson DD game ever and it does not disappoint.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

World of Warships Zao Spitting Napalm #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by EvolvedPotato featuring the tier X Zao spitting napalm.  Tons of fire damage here although not many kills.

World of Warships Kutuzov Carry #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Evoside featuring the Tier VIII Mikhail Kutuzov going into rage mode and helping their team win without cap control.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

World of Warships Yamato - Outnumbered, We Shut Them Out #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by DokturProfesur featuring the Tier X Yamato being jammed by matchmaking.  The friendly team only starts with 10 players compared to the 12 on the enemy team, but somehow manages to win the battle.  Great teamwork here!

World of Warships Saipan - Frantic Fencing on the Cap - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Misniso featuring the tier VII Saipan Premium carrier.  Some good air action here featuring two Saipans going head to head.  Misniso does a good job of coming out on top.

World of Warships Lexington + Ranger vs Shokaku + Saipan #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Trigger_Happy_Dad featuring the tier VIII Lexington teaming up very well with the friendly Ranger to dominate the skies.  Well played by both CV's.

Monday, April 18, 2016

World of Warships Moskva - Ups #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by _FTD_ featuring the tier X Moskva ending the battle with a huge bang!

World of Warships Budyonny - Showing off the Russian Stronk #WoWReplays ...

Uploaded to by Deviloid featuring the Tier VI Budyonny having a great battle.  Lots of action, lots of kills, lots of achievements.  Great game play!

World of Warships Amagi - It Goes Differently With a BB T8 #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Sergent_1980 featuring the Tier VIII Amagi hanging in until the end and causing chaos throughout for the enemy team.  Well played, makes me want to grind the rest of this tree out!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

World of Warships 0.5.5 Weather and Sinking Effects

With the 0.5.5 update new weather and sinking effects are being introduced into the game.  This video shows both of them on the Amagi with some bonus carrier footage at the end.  Enjoy!

Friday, April 15, 2016

World of Warships Yamato doing Yamato Things #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by Flamousz featuring the tier X Yamato doing Yamato things.  Had some VERY close calls, but held in strong to the end.

World of Warships Shimakaze Punishing Camping Battleships #WoWReplays

Uploaded by by maxgoud featuring the tier X Shimakaze punishing battleships who are camping and avoiding actual contact.  A really excited battle.

World of Warships Atago Accused of Cheating #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by miho11 featuring the tier VIII Atago getting a little lucky with a shot and then gets accused of cheating.  I'll be honest, this kill surprised me as well, but looks legit to me.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

World of Warships Mikhail Kutuzov - Life is a Beach #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by Evoside featuring the tier VIII Mikhail Kutuzov going into full beast mode.  Some last second heroics helps ensure victory!

World of Warships Warspite Goes into Rage Mode #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by EvolvedPotato featuring the tier VI Warspite showing why it's my favorite premium battleship in the game right now. :)

World of Warships Two Brothers Mutsuki #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by ScreamingEagles18 featuring the Tier VI Mutsuki showing you how to play a DD.  Lots of damage that didn't result in kills, but still helped the team advance perfectly!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

World of Warships Yamato Close Quarter Game #WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by LeRainbow featuring the Tier X Yamato having the best game I've ever seen.  Tons of close quarter combat, huge damage, and lots of kills.  Very exciting battle!

World of Warships Fubuki - Strategic Carrying Team #WoWReplays

Uploaded to by adpre featuring the Tier VIII Fubuki carrying the team and pulling off a last second victory!  Great job showing off the Fubuki and how to play it until the very end!

World of Warships Epic Roon - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Crysantos featuring the tier IX Roon in an insanely intense battle for life.  Tons of damage and great game play as always!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

World of Warships Knife Fighting in the Atlanta - WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by Wursthaubitze featuring the Tier VII Atlanta being used properly.  Some amazing knife fighting with a Pensacola that seems like a fair trade.

World of Warships Fubuki - This is what DDs are Expected to do - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Mova featuring the Tier VIII Fubuki doing amazing Fubuki things.  This is a great example of how to play the Fubuki and any other DD.  Get out front, spot for your team, take other DD's on head on.  Great gameplay here.

World of Warships Hiryu - Fastest Game Ever - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Admiral_Qwert featuring the Tier VII Hiryu having the Fastest Game Ever!  Game only lasted about 6 minutes because this team was in beast mode!  Great teamwork and play here!

Monday, April 11, 2016

World of Warships Nagato is Best Team Carrier - WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by X15 featuring the Tier VII Nagato having one of the best games I've ever seen in the Nagato.  Tons of damage, great strategy, and lots of kills.

World of Warships Minekaze is Easy Mode Medal Farming - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Gene_Inari featuring the tier V Minekaze farming medals in style.  An amazing battle that features a ton of achievements.

World of Warships Clemson - Seal Clubbing at its Finest - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Rockdio featuring the Tier IV Clemson having one hell of a game.  Some seals were definitely clubbed during the process of this battle.

Friday, April 8, 2016

World of Warships Aggressive Hindenburg Gameplay - WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by Bhlibra featuring the Tier X Hindenburg having one hell of a battle.  Tons of damage, lots of knife fighting, and some very close moments.

World of Warships A Normal Farragut Battle - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by TrungPurpVN featuring the Tier VI Farragut having a good battle.  Lots of damage, good base XP, and a lot of hits with guns.

World of Warships Ranger Reported for Hacking - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Trigger_Happy_Dad featuring the Tier VII Ranger being reported for hacking when they simply outplayed the competition.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

World of Warships The Grem Reaper Strikes Again - WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by EsaTuunanen (Grem Reaper) featuring the Tier V Gremyaschy striking again.  EsaTuuanen has almost 2600 games in the Gremy with a 73% win rate.  Obviously a very skilled player in the Gremy.

World of Warships Budyonny - Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat -...

Uploaded to by Marcanbus_NA featuring the Tier VI Budyonny carrying hard.  This shows the power of the Russian Cruisers when played by a skilled captain.

World of Warships Missing my Des Moines - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Adm_Nate_Ellis937 featuring the Tier X Des Moines being taken out on a date like a real lady.  She replays the kindness.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

World of Warships Yamato Battleships Stop Broadsiding WoWReplays

Uploaded to by xThecanadianx featuring the Tier X Yamato showing you why you don't show broadsides to anyone.

World of Warships Probably the Best Pokeboat Game - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by ackack47 featuring the Pokeboat unleashing hell in the Jacuzzi!

World of Warships Tirpitz - Lets Try to Win The Game Thing - WoWReplays ...

Uploaded to by gav_n featuring the tier VIII Tirpitz having a great game full of knife fights.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

World of Warships Fubuki is not Fast Enough - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by me (Jammin411) featuring the tier VIII Fubuki having a really good game that comes down to the end.  Just not enough speed when it was needed the most.

World of Warships Minekaze Close Call - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by maxgoud featuring the Tier V Minekaze having a solid game that came down to the last couple of minutes.

World of Warships Amagi - Dodging Torps Killing DDs - WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by Flambass featuring the Tier VIII Amagi unleashing hell on all those who oppose.  Tons of damage, tons of kills, just a great battle in general!

Monday, April 4, 2016

World of Warships Colorado 157k Damage Devastating Strike on a BB - WoWR...

Uploaded to by Viandinea featuring the Tier VII Colorado getting a devastating strike on another BB?!?! I was as surprised as you are right now.  Definitely better than my Colorado gameplay!

World of Warships Budyonny Unleashed - WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by LilJumpa featuring the Tier VI Budyonny have the game of a century.  This literally comes down to the last shot as shells pass each other in the air.

World of Warships Hiryu Delivers a Devastating Strike - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by TargetFriendly featuring the Tier VII Hiryu having a good battle and turning the tide for the friendly team.  Without the great carrier play in this battle things would have turned out very differently.

Friday, April 1, 2016

World of Warships Minekaze - Kraken Solo Warrior - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by coondawg472 featuring the Tier V Minekaze having one hell of a game.  An absolutely perfect example of how never to give up and continue to the end.

World of Warships St Louis - How Many Kills - WoWReplays #ROTD

Uploaded to by themousemaster featuring the Tier III St. Louis getting how many kills?  Great battle to watch, some luck from bad play by the enemy, but still a great battle.

World of Warships Bathyscrap - Confederate Kraken 55k Damage - WoWReplays

Uploaded to by Ebu34 featuring the Bathyscrap unleashing the Kraken and doing over 55k Damage in some bath time fun on Ruinberg in Jacuzzi.